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Blessings and Answered Prayers!

Today has been a really hard day. My (Katelyn) beautiful, incredible grandmother, Anne Halcomb, passed away this afternoon. I already miss her so much, but she had an amazing life! I want to be remembered the way she is, for all her love and accomplishments and the way she worked hard for everything and everyone important to her. I am so so happy that she lived a long life and wasn't sick or suffering.

In the midst of the hard things, God has been really blessing us as well!

One of the major repairs on our condo is done! We had materials donated and some awesome people pitch in and replace the siding that was rotten on the back around the garage. It's looking good :)

We are only $7 short (yes, $7, that's not a typo) of being able to buy our plane tickets for our first trip to St Kitts in September!!! We are still in need of close to $500 in order to pay for our hotel stays on the way there and back, our travel expenses, items we will bring to help with the ministries on t…

New Blog Address!

This is our new page! I had a fight with my computer trying to get the URL address changed on the other one, was not the name I intended the other blog to have. I may be the "writer" in our family, but this blog is an expression of both Aaron and my hearts and its our journey together so we wanted the blog name and address to reflect that! Please visit the link to read our story from the beginning and you can check out our prayer and current needs by reading about our first visit coming up in September. Please follow this blog to get e-mail updates and check out Mission:St Kitts to learn more about the Grayson's who are currently serving in St Kitts and who we are excited to be joing in ministry with! More to come soon! It's been a hectic summer :)

Love you all!
  The Comers