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Island Time - March in St Kitts

Waiting is hard.
  I feel like that could win some sort of understatement prize! I've been told that our generation in the USA is the least patient generation yet. We have access to so many things at the touch of a button! We can do things in seconds that used to take weeks or months. When we lived in the US, these convenient quick options did NOT mean that we got to have all kinds of extra free time. It simply meant that we could squeeze more in to our lives, and that felt like a cultural expectation. "Oh, you're not busy on that one night out of the week? Here are 5 different 'important' things for you to commit your time to." And let's be honest; having a full schedule, being asked to do MORE, being WANTED for a task or project or event, those things can make us FEEL important. So we keep up the pace no matter what.
  So, now we live on an island. An island we can drive around in about an hour. An island that is NOT on the US's time-driven sched…