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The Festival of Life!

I can't believe this week has come and went. It was such a whirlwind and such a great week. God was in such control and blessed us with the perfect team, great help for our projects, and safety. We each grew so much in our relationships with each other and our relationships with God. If we were able to somehow bless the people of St Kitts with what we did, then even better! 
Part of our ministry this week was providing childcare for the kids on the mission trip/the missionary kids

We played at the pool, did art and played with the ipad as well :)
The other part of our ministry was picking up trash, installing new basketball nets, building backboards and installing them at a park in a poor community and at a school for kids with special needs. 

Our drivers/helpers Andy and Alicia, both VIP's to vet students on the island. Andy and his wife, Jillian, are the reason we became connected with St Kitts!

We hired two Kittitian men to haul our stuff to a court in Cayon and they help …