Coming Up For Air - A New Year's Letter From Us to You

  If any year felt like treading water, it was 2020. I don't have to explain that to any of you. You can relate to many of the exact same things we have gone through: missing family, canceled plans, indefinitely delayed trips, unknown future, worry, stress, and still trying to maintain a stable life for our family. Throw the normal end-of-the-year rush on top of that, and the title of this post probably makes a lot of sense to you. Turtles can survive a fair amount of time under water. God made them that way, and He sustains us through these "underwater" seasons as well. Much of the last year felt a bit like drowning. Jesus has been there the whole time reminding us who holds us when the waves are crashing in.  A big difference in our experience of the last few months from yours is that we live on an island that has stayed relatively covid-free. We have the occasional imported case with new arrivals, but they are quarantined and St Kitts remains safe. That means that we c