All Who Are Weary

  “Come to Me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28
  This week, in my devotional, I was asked the question, “What are some things in your life that are making you feel weary or burdened.” As I thought over each area of my life I laughed to myself. Is putting down “everything” an acceptable answer? But I knew that wasn’t exactly true. We have so many life-giving areas as well! So why do the burdens and things that make us weary always seem to come to mind first? Do you do that too?
  We are fresh off furlough. A time that I used to assume was for rest. And in many ways it was! Time with people we care about, so many conveniences we haven’t had in a long time, and the chance to share about the incredible things God is doing on this precious island.
  Even still, travel, and late nights, and illnesses took a toll on us. Not remembering basic directions in the town we grew up in and constantly thinking “right side” as we drove down the road. Remind…

Time Away (or is it time back?)

fur-lough n. leave of absence 
  The last 6 weeks in the US was a wonderful whirlwind of fun, love, rest, travel, sharing, hugging, experiences, tears, and (of course) eating all the food (yum!). We were confronted with things like; Are we going home or leaving home? Are we on a break or just working in a different way? Should we take it easy or cram everything in? Do we say yes or no? Do we eat chick fil a again? When we go back to St Kitts, is it leaving home or going home? The answer to every questions was "yes!" 
  We headed out the afternoon of Dean's 6th birthday!

Thanks to some wonderful people, we had both a house to stay in and a car to drive for free while we were in the states!
Aaron and I kicked off the trip with a get away, just the two of us, at White Stone Country Inn. They do a special rate for missionaries, pastors, or those who work for ministries. It also happens to be where Aaron and I got married almost 11 years ago! It was the perfect way to settle…