Friday, November 27, 2015

Last Trip to St Kitts and a Peek at Next Year

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all had a wonderful day! We tried to soak up every minute of what may be our LAST Thanksgiving in the states for a few years. It was really nice :)

Last month we had the opportunity to head back to our beloved St Kitts. We joined up with a team from Rockpoint Church from Crawfordsville, IN for the week!

We enjoyed getting to know each team member and doing ministry with them for the week. Two of the team members, Kevin and Bruce, heave been a HUGE support to us and our future plans for the island. Rockpoint has a wonderful Celebrate Recovery program that Kevin started and that Bruce has helped run. Kevin is also a state representative for CR. They spent the week going with us to meetings and speaking on the radio!

We met with Superintendent Connor of the Prison and with Pastor Harris. Both men were excited and encouraging about Celebrate Recovery on the island. They also see the need and they are ready for something that can make a difference. 

We don't have any pictures with Superintendent Connor because cameras were not aloud inside of the prison. We also didn't get any pictures of the men's visit to the prison, but that was a wonderful experience as well! The prison band played a set of worship songs, Bruce preached, Kevin talked about CR and then Aaron got to share his testimony. Aaron said that many of the men seemed to really engage with his story and he even had the opportunity to speak and pray with one afterward who decide to give his life to Christ! These guys are so hungry for truth and to learn how to become the men they should be instead of the men they know how to be. 

We also were able to spend time with various children all week,  both at schools and even some who came to hang out in our yard!

It was an incredible trip and God continued to confirm to us over and over that St Kitts is our future home and that He is the one providing every step of the way.

After the new year, we will be starting to schedule times to talk to people in person about our vision for St Kitts and to start support raising for our move. If you or your small group/Sunday school/church/ect would like to give us that opportunity then please let us know! We have a lot of need, both prayer and financial, to be able to move and to live. 

Current things to pray about:
Support raising over the next year
Wisdom in what to take to St Kitts and what to buy there
Understanding as we start to cut back from things in our life to better prepare
Provision for current bills and needs even with working less over the holidays

Thank you for reading! We love you all!

The Comers