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St Kitts1.0: Days 3&4

Day 3: Sunday! It's a full day every week in Knoxville, and it was the one day that was pretty "busy" in St Kitts as well. Worship Team Practicing Aaron and I hanging out before the service Brandon preaching the word   Brandon is the pastor at Caribbean Christian Fellowship. This church is made up of mostly students from the vet school and medical schools (however, a new Kittitian family sat right in front of us). We enjoyed this service immensely! We learned all about Acts 18:18-28 and about being "set apart" for God. I loved that he is just preaching the Word of God , no more and no less. We got a chance before and after the service to meet a lot of the students and hear about their experiences living in St Kitts. Its such a neat perspective that we can learn a lot from. We hope that God will use us to invest in the lives of the students on the island as well as the Kittitians.   After church, Aaron and Brandon headed off to play flag football with the Ros…

The Comers in St.Kitts 1.0: Days 1 & 2

Our first glimpse of St Kitts!

We finally got to step onto the beautiful island country of St. Kitts. It was breathtaking! From the large mountains to the glimmering sea, it was a stunning first impression. Now before you click off of this post and continue on with something else thinking that we just spent a few days in paradise, please know that this was not a Caribbean vacation :) Right up against the pretty scenery were glimpses of reality that the people who live there do not enjoy the same experiences as the guests of the Marriott or the cruisers exploring the port. Small homes in need of repair, old cars that always need to be fixed, most people walking because they have no other reliable transportation. We were ready to get a real picture of life living in St. Kitts. Brandon Grayson picked us up from the airport and we drove the short distance to his family's home in Bird Rock. They live in the top story of a home that has been separated into 3 apartments. We found out th…