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June - Summer!

It is HOT! As I sit here typing this, I'm sweating. We sweat when we cook, play, work, read, drive, and sleep. It has gotten hot enough to where the we sweat while the AC is running in our room. It's hot.

  June brought more than heat though. It brought lots of fun, and also lots of emotions and busyness as we traveled, welcomed family here, prepared for our first not-related-to-us house guest, and launched and continued ministry.

Early June we began training the wonderful CR volunteers from Beacon of Hope and Caribbean Christian Fellowship. We expect to launch Celebrate Recovery next month! These amazing men and women come faithfully each week to spend 1 hour learning about the ministry, how we do it, and why. Then most of them stay for the 2nd hour and are going through 12 step studies to learn how to be small group leaders. The 12 steps are not easy! Our second week in I was greeted with comments of "These questions are hard!" and "This takes a lot of time.…