Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Update on Our Preparations!

    Hey Everyone! It has been quite a while since we have written (and with as much as I, Katelyn, can talk I know you're all surprised ;). God has been doing some excited things the last couple of weeks and opening some doors to help us be better prepared for St Kitts! Aaron got changed to 1st shift at his job (woohoo!!!!!!!). Now he works mornings and afternoons like a normal person, yay!!! Before, Aaron was working late into the evening so it really hampered us in trying to pursue some of the ministry opportunities that God was pushing us to.

    We are going to start a new small group (so if you go to FP and need a group, let us know)! God has had it on our hearts for a while. Mostly Aaron's heart, I was trying to block it out because we love our old small group so much, but God knows how to work out His plans instead of ours. We are very thankful for this new step that will allow us to grow in leadership skills and to expand the circle of our Christian church family.

  We are also going to begin serving with Celebrate Recovery at our church. Many of you know that when we get to St Kitts we will be working with people who have drug and alcohol abuse problems. Beyond our own experiences and the experiences of close loved ones, we have no "real world" experience helping people through their addictions. Even so, its where God has drawn our heart for St Kitts. We have known that we need more training to be prepared, but Aaron's odd schedule has kept us from getting involved in a ministry we can learn from. Thank God for this new shift and the opportunity to serve with addiction recovery here in Knoxville for a couple of years before we head down to the island! We can't wait to get started at Celebrate!

  The other new things for our family right are that Dean started part time preschool and Addalyn started kindergarten! Dean is attending a program at a local church, but we are HOMESCHOOLING our sweet girl! It is a crazy new adventure but I'm already having so much fun :) Homeschooling has meant a small cut back in hours for me at work as well, and I'm so grateful to be home with my children a few more hours a week!

  Things we would like you to be praying for:
1. Aaron's new hours and helping us adjust through all the changes.
2. Our new small group; that God is already drawing the right people to the group and that we can be good leaders who listen for and follow God's voice in the process.
3. Us working with Celebrate Recovery; that we will be able to learn quickly, serve effectively, love well, and to be used by God in this ministry.
4. For God's covering over our family as we enter this new season, for protection from the attacks of Satan on our marriage, our kids and our lives, and for unity, love, kindness and respect towards each other through these changes/
6. For this school year!

Thank you all for your prayers and support! We love you all!
God Bless.
Aaron, Katelyn, Addalyn and Dean Comer