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Update on Our Preparations!

Hey Everyone! It has been quite a while since we have written (and with as much as I, Katelyn, can talk I know you're all surprised ;). God has been doing some excited things the last couple of weeks and opening some doors to help us be better prepared for St Kitts! Aaron got changed to 1st shift at his job (woohoo!!!!!!!). Now he works mornings and afternoons like a normal person, yay!!! Before, Aaron was working late into the evening so it really hampered us in trying to pursue some of the ministry opportunities that God was pushing us to.

    We are going to start a new small group (so if you go to FP and need a group, let us know)! God has had it on our hearts for a while. Mostly Aaron's heart, I was trying to block it out because we love our old small group so much, but God knows how to work out His plans instead of ours. We are very thankful for this new step that will allow us to grow in leadership skills and to expand the circle of our Christian church family.