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God is preparing St Kitts too

As many of you know, this journey to get us to St Kitts, and even to this point has been quite a long one! This July will be four years since God first put working in ministry on our hearts. April will be three years since He connected us with St Kitts. Three years that felt like an eternity. We had goals we had to meet; get out of debt, figure out what God wanted us to do on the island, and then get prepared to do what He called us to. As God directed us for the last 3 years He also equipped us. He has taught us faith, patience, dependance on Him, and developed our passion and relationships with Him to a whole new level! We still have goals, but suddenly they seem much more concrete and possible and terrifyingly urgent; sell our condo, sell our cars, and mostly to be 100% support raised by October 1. He is still using these seemingly impossible goals to teach us and mold us and to prove Himself as our faithful provider who we can trust in and rely on.  All this time we have been able t…

God's Blessings!

We are so incredibly excited to be able to say that God has provided money for us to pay off all our debt 8 months early!!! That has been a huge hurtle that we have struggled through over the past 3 years. It just shows us that if we are diligent and faithful that God is faithful to provide. 

God has continued to amaze us over and over again in this process! From unexpected money to job and shift changes that provide better hours for ministry, letting us serve and learn at Celebrate and connecting us with CR people from around the country! He has given us so much clear direction and has guided us every strep of the way. 

Our next two hurdles to leaving this country and moving to our beloved St Kitts is 1. Sell our condo and 2. Raise 100% of our support. 
Our condo is located in West Knoxville near West Town mall, it's a little over 1,000sq ft and we are asking a great and low price! So please spread the word!
To be 100% support raised we need: Moving Expenses $2,000 flight down $12,000 c…