Tuesday, November 1, 2016

26 Days! Looking back to move forward

26 Days. Twenty Six Days. 2-6.

This whole adventure started 4 years and 4 months ago. Many of you may know this story, so the short version is this: One night during a walk on the beach Aaron and I were able to share that we both believed God had called us into ministry. Slowly God began to reveal His plan and purposes, and 3 years ago in October, we made our very first visit to the beautiful island of St. Kitts.

God confirmed his calling for us to move there, and we have been homesick for St. Kitts ever since.

2 1/2 years ago we went to the island for a second time. This time we took a team and participated in the Festival of Life. 

When we got home from the Festival of Life, we realized that God was calling us to use our past struggles with addiction and codependency to do ministry in St. Kitts. We were overjoyed that God would choose to redeem our mistakes, and use them to glorify Him instead. With clear direction, we were able to focus on getting out of debt and starting to raise our support. 

1 year ago we made our last trip to St. Kitts.

We went with a super fun team from Rock Point Church in Crawfordsville, IN. We were able to meet with the Superintendent of the Prison, a local pastor, speak on the radio, and even do a mock Celebrate Recovery at the Prison! God opened doors and began to set foundations for our future ministry there. 

Since that trip, we have:
Celebrated 30th, 7th, 29th, and 4th birthdays
Paid off all our debt
Finished 1st grade
Finished up our previous jobs and careers
Sold a car
Went to a month of Missions Training in CO
Support raised for moving to, living in, and doing ministry in St Kitts
Booked Flights
Had SUPER HIGHS and super lows
Had every. single. feeling. there is 
And even started packing boxes today

We have been talking about our move to St. Kitts, our call to missions, and our passion for Celebrate Recovery for YEARS. For all of that time and planning and dreaming and praying, we are only 26 days away from everything actually beginning. The start of a new chapter, new experiences, new friends, new culture, and new adventures. 

But each one of those 26 days is going to be a paradox of feeling and experiences. Preparing to say"hello" while also saying "goodbye." Dreaming of a new home while boxing up the one I've lived in most my life. Thinking about building a new support system while trying, desperately, to love well the support system we have here. Wanting to laugh and also cry at any given minute. Feeling overwhelmed with joy and gratitude while also feeling at the end of our ropes with stress and fears. Knowing that in all of it, God is still God and He is good and He is the one causing each piece of this to come together. 

Since it is officially November 1st as I write this (I always write late at night, when the kids are sleeping lol) I would like to end this post, and start this month, by giving thanks. 
I am thankful for the next 26 days. For every moment I get to spend with a friend or a family member. For the Fall and East Tennessee memories we are making with our children. For the therapy of purging as we decide what to pack and what to leave. For the Thanksgiving we get to spend here just before we go. We are SO thankful for the people who have sacrificed and given and continue to give to make this ministry possible. Mostly, we are thankful that we serve a God who is in control, and who has had these plans laid out since He laid the foundation of the earth. 

Happy Thanksgiving a little early. Thank you for being a part of what God is doing around the world and in St. Kitts!

Aaron, Katelyn, Addalyn and Dean Comer

If you can be a part of our support team and help us to be fully funded for life and ministry in St. Kitts, please visit our giving page at Shepherd's Staff to set up a tax deductible one-time or reoccurring monthly donation!