Sunday, April 10, 2016

Where we are right now (Come on God and show us the plan!)

The  Blog updates. Let's be honest, I stink at getting out blog updates. When major things happen or when we visit St Kitts or big break throughs occur, those are the easy things to write about. We LOVE being able to shout "Look what God did here!" And "Wow God is really coming through this way!" It's much harder to write in the in-between. It's not easy to say all the little things leading up to the big moments. I want you to WANT to read this blog after all :)
  However, not every part of the journey has felt big. Much of it has not even felt joyful, especially not exciting, or not even like much more than a list of challenges and complaints along the way. Deciding how to best represent what our ministry will be and how God is shaping all of this has been a big decision. 
  So we are going to just go with honest. And honestly, this season of preparation is not the most fun. Don't get me wrong, we are still wildly excited about our calling and St Kitts and all that God has in store! But with less than 4 months until we leave for pre-field training we are really feeling the deadline! Our condo (the home that we own, but not the one that we live in) is about halfway through repairs. God has provided INCREDIBLE friends to help us accomplish some huge tasks with that, but the DIY approach is time consuming and we really need it to sell before the end of July. We are support raising and God is providing, but the amounts we need often feel overwhelming and impossible. We have been hit with sickness after sickness over the last couple of months and are trying to play catch up from all the time off from everything. We were billed for hospital costs from the beginning of the year where Addalyn cut her head open and all the doctor did was apply medicated ointment and now we have to figure out how to pay $1300 off in a very very short amount of time. Quite frankly it's feeling like there is no possible way that we can get everything accomplished that has to be done in just 4 short months. 
  But we serve a God who specializes in impossible situations. Not only in all the things we read about in scripture, but in all things he has already done in our lives up to now. Aaron was on track to move from mild drugs and dealing to hard drugs and major crimes. So many people who were on his path did. But then God intervened and Aaron fell headlong into relationship with Him! And now God is moving us to help other people who are on the path Aaron used to be on. We have had all the bills paid when we didn't have the money, we have had emotional needs met when we should have felt the most lonely, and we have seen members of our family have their lives transformed because God loves them and I could go on and on and on!
  So I'm not sharing the hard stuff or the boring stuff or the struggle stuff to complain or to whine, but I'm sharing so we can do two things: 

1. Ask you to pray. We need it, we crave your prayers. We need prayers for faith and patience and persistence. We need prayer for financial provision and for the condo to sell quickly and the work to get done for that to happen. We need prayers for the people that God wants to use to support us over seas and we need prayer mostly for spiritual protection because the attacks of the enemy are real and they are strong and they can feel like defeat and failure quite easily if we let them. So please please pray for us when you can!

2. We want you to understand when the big break throughs happen. WHEN God provides in each one of these areas we want you all to celebrate with us as we praise God for doing the incredible things He already has planned!

So from the boring, stressful, crazy, exhausting and often mundane part of this journey - we want to thank you for being a part and for sticking this out with us :)

We love you all!!
The Comers