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Where we are right now (Come on God and show us the plan!)

The  Blog updates. Let's be honest, I stink at getting out blog updates. When major things happen or when we visit St Kitts or big break throughs occur, those are the easy things to write about. We LOVE being able to shout "Look what God did here!" And "Wow God is really coming through this way!" It's much harder to write in the in-between. It's not easy to say all the little things leading up to the big moments. I want you to WANT to read this blog after all :)  However, not every part of the journey has felt big. Much of it has not even felt joyful, especially not exciting, or not even like much more than a list of challenges and complaints along the way. Deciding how to best represent what our ministry will be and how God is shaping all of this has been a big decision.    So we are going to just go with honest. And honestly, this season of preparation is not the most fun. Don't get me wrong, we are still wildly excited about our calling and St Kit…