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Mountains and Month Two

My favorite birthday present is also an extremely accurate portrayal of the state of my heart two months in. Two places, two homes, two callings and purposes. Old and new. Two feelings about most things, every single day. If you read December's blog post you may have noticed that it was SUPER BORING. There were photos and a run down of the activities of the month, but not much else on the page. I still can't fully put into words where my heart was a month ago. Just a week after Christmas in a new country far from home and tradition and family and normal, I didn't know how I felt or should feel. I didn't have interesting things to say about what The Lord was teaching us. I was merely surviving as the realities of life here settled in. 

This second month has brought on the feelings. So so so many feelings. High and lows, joys and sorrows. It has also brought us closer to Jesus, because feeling your feelings is a good way to find yourself falling at His feet.

Not long…