Support Us

We are so appreciative of those who are willing to support us financially while we are serving in St Kitts! Thank you for a being a part of our ministry in this way! Shepherd's staff is the organization who is handling our money while we are on the field. They will be overseeing our budget and expenses. They will also send receipts to all of our donors so that your donation can be tax deductible!


All support checks must be made out to Shepherd's Staff with our missionary account number 4331 written in the memo section of the check and sent to: 
Shepherd’s Staff, 6739 Academy Road, Suite 320, Albuquerque, NM 87109. 

Online One Time and Automatic Recurring Donations: 

          You can set up automatic monthly donations so you don't have to worry about making checks!
Or you can make a one time donation online as well!


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