Wednesday, October 5, 2016

September, New Adventures, aaand a Big Announcement!

Wow September went by in a crazy blur! As we transitioned to what life looks like in Knoxville as support raising missionaries, we have just hopped on, what feels like, a fast moving train and prayed that God would help us navigate all our decisions and meetings and presentations and trips. We have met with so many incredible groups and people this months!

We have gone from 36% support raised 74% support raised in the last few weeks! We have so many insanely wonderful people who are sacrificing and giving to support us so that we can share the love and hope found in Christ with hurting people thousands of miles away! THANK YOU to all that have given and are continuing to give each month. WE APPRECIATE YOU MORE THAN WORDS CAN EVER EXPRESS!

We have made two trip this month - one to the wonderful Greenville, SC and one to then beautiful Newnan/Griffin, GA!

We stayed with our sweet friends John and Kristen Casteel in South Carolina
I got pictures of the 4 kiddos, but none of the 4 adults!

We were able to share a little about our move with John's congregation at The Bridge Church. We enjoyed our time with the people there and the opportunity to hear John preach and to spend time with our wonderful life-long friends!

The next week we were able to go to Georgia to visit Jim and Nicole Turner and to speak at Nicole's Dad's church. We hadn't seen the Turners in a few years and it was so much fun getting to catch up!
The kids learning what it's like to be ministry kiddos, waiting around early at churches lol

"Watch me jump Mommy!"

Aaron sharing his story and about our calling to St Kitts! He was a wonderful speaker and I cried hearing our story from him on that stage :)

A huge thank you to Carver Road Baptist Church in Griffin, GA! They helped support us and prayed over us. They were a huge blessing and encouragement. Plus, they had a potluck dinner afterwards and it was delicious!

Next week we head to Crawfordsville, IN to speak at Rock Point's Celebrate Recovery! Please be praying for our nerves, communication, and for God to use our story to be a blessing to the attenders that night. 

We have an extra special big announcement..........

God provided insanely cheap tickets for us and confirmed that date, so we have just over 7 weeks until we move! We have $999 a month left to raise to be fully funded. Monthly donations at any level are needed and greatly appreciated. Can you be a part of getting us fully funded before we go?

Prayer Needs:
To be fully funded
To get all the details in order easily
For a place to live in St Kitts under budget!
For our hearts and minds as we go through these next 2 months
For our families who will be transitioning as well

Thank you all for reading and for your prayers and support! We love you all!
Aaron and Katelyn