Sunday, July 17, 2016

June and July (because I forgot last month!)

This summer has flown by us with more speed and ferociousness than I could have ever imagined. What was once "years away" is suddenly 2 weeks away and what was once a dream is so so quickly becoming a reality. What was once spoken of with far off excitement, now is spoken of in to-do lists and calendar dates. 
  June was full of extra work and birthdays and holidays and anniversaries. Before we knew it we were heading down to our annual Edisto Island, SC vacation with Aaron's parents! It was full of fun, special memories, and a huge sense of "the last time" as we relived traditions and reveled in family conversations and connection. 
Daddy and Dean 

Lunch at Hymans!!
Snacks by the pool 

Lunch at McKonkey's 
Lunch at the beach! (We love to eat)

After Edisto we flew directly to New York, New York for family vacation with my parents and siblings. While Edisto is a tradition in the Comer family, unpredictability and new places are traditions in the Halcomb family. Half the crew had never been to NYC so there was a lot to see and experience! We even got to take one of our favorite teenagers with us! Thanks for coming Chase :)

We fit all 11 of us into 1 SUV taxi for the 1 hour drive from JFK to our air b&b in the Chelsea neighborhood 

The 9-11 memorial

Central Park
Central Park Zoo

We attended church at the downtown campus of Hillsong NYC and that was super cool!

We did not buy the doll a ticket, lol, but we did have an empty seat next to us on the way home!

 We made our way back to Knoxville on the Fourth of July and we were far too exhausted for fireworks, but we were so full of happiness and love and family that it was ok! 
  We had approximately 1 week at home before heading off again! This time to the beautiful and exotic city of Murfreesboro, TN 😉 We were able to attend the Celebrate Recovery Summit East for 3 days and we learned SO much about CR, starting CR, ICR (International Celebrate Recovery) CRI (Celebrate Recovery Inside - Prison CR) and many other details of running a healthy CR program. We heard testimony after testimony of God using CR to change people's lives! And we were able to worship and laugh and grow with 3,000 other CR leaders! We had blast bonding with Kerri (our FPCelebrate pastor), her husband Richard, as well as Bill and Linda Moore, all from the leadership team at FPCelebrate. 

We got to stay with Aaron's brother Adam and his wife Katie and our precious nephew Eli while we were at the summit. It was such a blessing to spend time with with and learn about recovery ministry and ministry life from them! They are a huge support to us in so many ways and we are so grateful for our time with them!

Now that we are back in Knoxville once again, we are once again preparing to go. July 31st we fly to Colorado Springs, CO to attend a program called Mission Training International. What we know is that it will help equip us for transitioning to a new culture, prepare us for ministry, teach us how to be healthy missionaries, and how to have longevity on the field. They also work with our kids to prepare them and to gives us all a common language to discuss our feelings and emotions as we move. 

Please be praying with us for:
Our family to have spiritual protection
Our hearts as we all transition 
Financial provision once we aren't working anymore 
Support for our move and living in St Kitts to reach 100% (it's at almost 30% now!)
For our condo to sell quickly
For opportunities to share our hearts and what God is doing in our lives
For God to prepare the hearts of the Kittitian people to be a part of the Celebrate Recovery ministry in all aspects. 

Thank you all for reading and praying and supporting us! If you would like to give financially you may do so at 
We love you all! 
The Comers