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June and July (because I forgot last month!)

This summer has flown by us with more speed and ferociousness than I could have ever imagined. What was once "years away" is suddenly 2 weeks away and what was once a dream is so so quickly becoming a reality. What was once spoken of with far off excitement, now is spoken of in to-do lists and calendar dates.    June was full of extra work and birthdays and holidays and anniversaries. Before we knew it we were heading down to our annual Edisto Island, SC vacation with Aaron's parents! It was full of fun, special memories, and a huge sense of "the last time" as we relived traditions and reveled in family conversations and connection.  Daddy and Dean 
Lunch at Hymans!! Snacks by the pool 
Lunch at McKonkey's  Lunch at the beach! (We love to eat)
After Edisto we flew directly to New York, New York for family vacation with my parents and siblings. While Edisto is a tradition in the Comer family, unpredictability and new places are traditions in the Halcomb family. Hal…