Friday, July 10, 2015

Next Steps!!! Help us with them!

We are so excited to let you know about the next steps we are taking towards moving to St Kitts! On our last visit to the island God really started revealing His plans for us there. St Kitts has a large percentage of drug and alcohol abuse, specifically cocaine and marijuana. The island currently has no recovery programs in place and drug use has been consistently on the rise.

When we got home last year, we started praying about how we could help with recovery ministry. Then God started to weave us together with an organization called Celebrate Recovery. Celebrate Recovery is a biblically balanced program that helps people overcome their hurts, hang-up, and habits. We began serving with our own church's Celebrate! Program to learn about group meeting recovery ministry. Then our friends, the Graysons, introduced us to Kevin Parker. He is a state representative for CR (celebrate recovery) in Indiana. Kevin, and his church Rock Point, have a HUGE heart for CR and they already support the Graysons and the McGaugheys (who are serving as missionaries in St Kitts already.) Rock Point Church also had a team in St Kitts the last time we were there and they saw they same need for CR that we did. Kevin has been incredible and instrumental in getting us connected and helping us to prepare! He put us in contact with Jana O'Guin, the International Director of CR. She has also been amazing in helping us understand what this will all entail, what direction we need to be headed, in encouraging us and supporting us!

This October we have the opportunity to join Kevin Parker and Rock Point Church in St Kitts for a week! Rock Point will be serving around in the community in many different ways. We are incredibly excited to get to, along with Kevin, begin to meet with pastors and church leaders and introduce our selves and Celebrate Recovery. We will be seeking out the right church(es) to partner with once we are official living on the island! To be able to start laying the ground work before we are there full time is such an amazing blessing.

We would love for you to pray about partnering with us and helping us with this trip in October! We need $2,500 in order to pay for plane tickets, lodging, food and rental car. We also need people who are willing to be praying for our trip, for us, for the Kittitian people, for the pastors we will be speaking to, and for protection as we continue on this journey. If you can help us out financially then you can give in the following ways:

Send checks to:
Aaron Comer
1617 Coventry Park Blvd
Knoxville, TN 37931


Send Pay Pal Family and Friends payment to:

Thank you for being a part of what God is doing!

Aaron and Katelyn Comer