Thursday, November 7, 2013

The FESTIVAL OF LIFE and our last day in St Kitts

Our last day in St Kitts was both sad and happy. We were excited to get home to our kids, but St Kitts was starting to feel like home as well. God definitely engraved the island on our hearts. Aaron shot some video footage for the FOL that morning while I packed our bags to go. On our way to the airport we talked with Brandon about our plans and our timeline to move down. We are looking at being debt free and in St Kitts in 2016. We were expressing our desire to be down much faster than that and Brandon reminded us that God can move in ways that we can't on our own. As we parked at the airport and looked up we saw written on the car parked across from us "God Provides." We are praying every day for God to provide a way for us to be out of debt and in our new home even faster :)

We had 3 flights to make it home. St Kitts to Miami, Miami to Dallas, spend the night, and then Dallas to Knoxville. We made it to Miami, ate some dinner, and got settled on our late night flight into Dallas. As we were taking off, God started to nudge me. He told me to talk to the woman sitting beside me in the window seat. "God, you cannot seriously want me to bother a stranger." I said. "Talk to her." God said. "But God... she is looking out the window." She turned away from the window. "Talk to her." "But God, she is putting in her ear phones.." She put the ear phones down "Talk to her." "But, but, but God... it is CREEPY to talk to people on the plane, she will think I am crazy, no one wants to talk to the person beside them that they don't know!" Thinking I had made a good point, I looked down at my in-flight magazine, turned the page, and read in large letters across the top of the page "People Will Talk!" Well, there was no way to deny that, so I took a big breath, turned to her and saw that she was doing her veterinary virology home work. By the grace of God, I had something to say to her! My friend Jillian was taking the same class at Ross University in St Kitts. And guess what?! When I talked to her I found out that she was also a 3rd semester student at Ross in St Kitts! We talked the entire flight about life on the island, our call there, her schooling, ect. It turns out that she is friends with Erica and Scott that we met at the beach. She even had thought about trying out Caribbean Christian Fellowship! Please be praying for our new friend and her life as a Vet student.

We made it home in one piece and now we have been planning for the Festival of Life!
The Festival of Life is a huge outreach event on the island of St Kitts February 23 - March 2. The first few days, each team will pour into the community, help feed into the lives of the Kittitians and then invite them to the Festival on Saturday. The festival will have free games, inflatables, food, concerts and more! Doing something for free in St Kitts is unheard of and will stand out in their culture. With around 45,000 people living on St Kitts, the goal of this trip will be to reach an entire nation with the message of the gospel and the love of Christ.
We are taking a team with us!!! We will be focusing on cleaning projects, sharing the gospel, and running a basket ball camp for high school students. We want YOU to pray about coming with us. You can find out more at our Information Meeting on December 16th. Please use the link to find out what time and where. We are welcoming singles, couples, friends, or families. We will be bringing our own children and will welcome yours as well! Please RSVP to the information meeting by clicking on the link or e-maling me here. 
If you can't come, but want to help, you can e-mail me for a list of needs!
We love you all! Thanks for reading <3
The Comers