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The FESTIVAL OF LIFE and our last day in St Kitts

Our last day in St Kitts was both sad and happy. We were excited to get home to our kids, but St Kitts was starting to feel like home as well. God definitely engraved the island on our hearts. Aaron shot some video footage for the FOL that morning while I packed our bags to go. On our way to the airport we talked with Brandon about our plans and our timeline to move down. We are looking at being debt free and in St Kitts in 2016. We were expressing our desire to be down much faster than that and Brandon reminded us that God can move in ways that we can't on our own. As we parked at the airport and looked up we saw written on the car parked across from us "God Provides." We are praying every day for God to provide a way for us to be out of debt and in our new home even faster :)

We had 3 flights to make it home. St Kitts to Miami, Miami to Dallas, spend the night, and then Dallas to Knoxville. We made it to Miami, ate some dinner, and got settled on our late night flight …