Monday, May 30, 2016

May Update (I'm trying to get in this habit of blogging 😁)

With less than 2 days until May is over I am realizing that I haven't posted an update this month! May has been great and filled with so much fun and work and craziness. We have spoken to a few small groups about this whole journey we are on, we have held a garage sale and a bake sale to help raise support, we have raised the most support this month so far, and we are SOOO almost done getting our condo fixed up to sell (tell everyone you know, it's adorable and right in the middle of West Knoxville, close to everything!). We have exactly TWO months left to work at our current jobs before switching to full-time missionary preparation and the summer is already flying by. Addalyn graduated 1st grade, Dean finished his second year of preschool, and we finished our last year at Cedar Springs Weekday School 😪 We attended our very last FPStudents 😭 and we are starting to feel the tug of the "goodbyes" and "last times." 

THANK YOU to every person/family/group that has allowed us/has set up with us to share our hearts and needs for moving to and ministering in St Kitts. We love sharing what God is doing and calling us to! ❤️🇰🇳

An extra big thank you to Oak Grove co-op (Addalyn's program) for the bake sale at field day!!! It was a huge blessing to see everyone get excited for us and to be a part of this journey!

And secondly a huge thank you to everyone who contributed and shopped at our garage sale! We raised just shy of $1,000!! You people are amazing! 

The condo has approximately 3 things to finish this week to be ready to put on the market! I want to thank our entire small group, a few other friends, everyone who contributed decor, and both sets of our parents for coming and working and buying materials and babysitting and everything else all of you have done to ensure that we can sell our home in tip-top shape! 

Addalyn is officially in 2nd grade! And Dean will start his Pre K curriculum this year. How does that time go by so incredibly fast?!? Thank you to Mrs Teffeteller, Mrs Ashe, Mrs Palya, and Mrs Mathews for teaching, loving, and investing in my children this year! We will miss you all like crazy next year!

Our last night at FPStudents somehow did not get photographed because we were too caught up FEELING ALL THE FEELINGS to remember to use our cameras. What a blessing to be commissioned out by this ministry and what an impact on us to see people love on us and pour into us as we now have to step away from those roles. I could never have the exact right words to express what that ministry has meant to us. We are so happy for the life-long relationships we have formed and grateful to the teenagers who allowed us to be a part of their lives. We love you all!!

Ok, now that I've made myself sad again about the endings, I want to share some WONDERFUL news from this mont that makes me so happy. My (katelyn) big brother got married!!! 

Congratulations Bubba! And Tasha, we are so happy to have you in our family! What a blessing you are to all of us, but especially to Kelvin. I'm looking forward to a lifetime of getting to know you better! 

May has been a fast month full of good things and God providing as only He can. We can't wait to see what He does in June!

We would love your prayers for our condo to sell quickly and easily, as well as for us to raise our full support for going and living in St Kitts. We also would love prayer for us and our kiddos as we continue to prepare and transition. Lastly, we may have someone who can help us with our organization and who is praying about supporting us that way. We would love prayers for God to give confirmation if that's something He is orchestrating because He knows we need the help in that department! (Hashtag too busy, hashtag not my gifting ;)

We are still working on building our monthly support team for our living and ministry expenses! If you are interested you can e-mail us for more information at or set up online giving at

Love you all!
The Comers