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May Update (I'm trying to get in this habit of blogging 😁)

With less than 2 days until May is over I am realizing that I haven't posted an update this month! May has been great and filled with so much fun and work and craziness. We have spoken to a few small groups about this whole journey we are on, we have held a garage sale and a bake sale to help raise support, we have raised the most support this month so far, and we are SOOO almost done getting our condo fixed up to sell (tell everyone you know, it's adorable and right in the middle of West Knoxville, close to everything!). We have exactly TWO months left to work at our current jobs before switching to full-time missionary preparation and the summer is already flying by. Addalyn graduated 1st grade, Dean finished his second year of preschool, and we finished our last year at Cedar Springs Weekday School 😪 We attended our very last FPStudents 😭 and we are starting to feel the tug of the "goodbyes" and "last times." 
THANK YOU to every person/family/group that…