Summertime... And the living is ... busy

  Pineapple with 6 tops!     Ok, so tomorrow is actually the first day of summer. Plus, our kids aren't even out of school yet (but I am counting down the minutes until Friday at 12pm!). However, just like most of you, we have been experience high heat and very "summery" weather. Normally I would complain, just a little, about the high temperatures, but the US heat wave sounds crazy! So I will hold off, at least until you all start posting about fall and boots and lattes, and I'm still sitting down here drenched in sweat and praying the electricity doesn't go out so the air conditioner and fans keep blowing. (How October can be hotter than August I will never understand, but it will be our 6th autumn on the island so I just accept that it is what it is.)     Thankfully, the shift in weather has just been in the last few weeks. We finished up our spring-like winter with a lot of great ministry and fun. As you all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. While I c