“Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! My innermost being will praise you, Lord! I will spend my life praising you and singing high praises to you, my God, every day of my life! We can never look to men for help; no matter who they are, they can’t save us, for even our great leaders fail and fall. They too are just mortals who will one day die. At death the spirits of all depart and their bodies return to dust. In the day of their death all their projects and plans are over.
But those who hope in the Lord will be happy and pleased! Our help comes from the God of Jacob! You keep all your promises. You are the Creator of heaven’s glory, earth’s grandeur, and ocean’s greatness. The oppressed get justice with you. The hungry are satisfied with you. Prisoners find their freedom with you. You open the eyes of the blind and you fully restore those bent over with shame. You love those who love and honor you. You watch over strangers and immigrants and support the fatherless and widows. But you subvert …

Happy Labour Day!

I know what you're thinking - it's not September... and there isn't a 'u' in the word labor. Well, in St. Kitts Labour Day is the first Monday in May... and we kept the British version of most English words. Usually celebrated with cookouts and beach time, this year we are on 24 hour lock down to prevent such gatherings. My toes are craving the feeling of sand and sea, but my head knows that keeping people safe is important.

   We have been so happy to see how the threat of covid-19 seems to be leaving our island slowly, but surely. Of the total 15 cases, 8 have recovered! 0 people have died or needed major medical treatment. As frustrating as lockdown has been, it worked. A few more essential business have been allowed to open, and we have 4 days each week to leave our residence and do what we need to do. No gatherings, no beach access, and no dining-in options yet.

   Ministry has continued online as best as possible! Church streams on Sundays, Life Groups an…