Winter - Our Favorite Season

Oh, February! What was once the coldest and greyest month of the year in TN, is now possibly our favorite season.With cool winds, temperatures in the low-80's, and rainy season wrapping up, February filled our eyes with sunshine and our hearts with joy. We had multiple visitors and guest speakers at the various CR classes. We are praising God because the prison once again opened its doors to Aaron, and the women's class has stabilized! While not every woman has returned to class, God is working in these ladies' hearts (and mine) each week. We have also seen some of the former male residents of the prison seek out Aaron and begin to attend the Tuesday CR class. God is doing such wonderful things, and we love that we get to be a small part of it!
At the beginning of the month, we once again invited some friends over to watch the Super Bowl!  It's really fun to have such a multi-cultural group enjoying this very American pastime.

Aaron's new radio show, Hope & Re…

Everything Beautiful for its Own Time

Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end. Ecclesiastics 3:11

I love seasons that make me feel like something new is beginning. Spring when everything blooms and grows, new school years when anything feels possible, and each January as a whole new year begins. As Aaron  and I sat down to map out hopes and goals for 2019, I was filled with an awe of all God has already done. It's amazing starting the year feeling established and at home here in St Kitts.
  Celebrate Recovery has become a fantastic and constant group of people. They are our special community here; those of us who have found our place where "it's ok to not be ok." 
Aaron teaching on SANITY: how to make different choices so that we can see change in our lives.
Our wonderful friend Kistian agreed to come and share his testimony with us this month. Having friends, especia…